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“A Beautiful Life Does Not Just Happen.

It is Built Daily by Hard Work, Sacrifice, and Love.”

It is the same for love, itself.

“I wrote this book because heartbreak is miserable. I know because I have experienced it myself.

I am now 93 years old. I have been fortunate to have learned a lot about love and marriage from my own life experiences, as well as my career as a couples’ therapist for over 30 years. I have learned that relationships take effort. Love sometimes comes without reason, but relationships require hard work.

I wish when I was younger that someone had written a book for me, to help guide me through the pitfalls of relationships. And so, my purpose here is to pass down to you any knowledge I may have in hopes that you can find happiness in your relationship…”

Download the e-book Love Improvement now to continue reading and to discover tips and tricks on how to get your relationship back on track.

Love Improvement: Couples’ Therapy Before You Need It

How sad it is to have a relationship fail. How heartbreaking that families are split up and emotional wounds never healed.

Love Improvement is written to help couples keep their relationship.  The goal is to open communication so that conflicts and misunderstandings can be resolved early– before they become big ones.

Drawing from many decades of experience as a relationship coach, psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst, Dr. Compton guides you through issues as if you were in the room with her. Each chapter presents a discussion and a workshop.

Among the fifteen chapters you will find ways to resolve issues in regards to communication, money, and sex, amongst many other common topics that cause tension in relationships.

Although Love Improvement is meant primarily as an aid in resolving everyday problems, it also can be used as an intermediary step for more serious problems. And if professional help is needed but not affordable or available, it can provide an opportunity to work on the problems yourself.

The PDF version of Love Improvement is now available exclusively here on DIY Couples’ Therapy.

Featured Book Review

kirkus-logo“A simple, practical debut guidebook to relationship therapy—without the therapist.
Married or dating, gay or straight, long-term or brand-new couples all confront conflicts that test their staying power. Longtime therapist Compton spends little time on theory and keeps her text free of jargon. Instead, she writes for readers who believe they would benefit from therapy but can’t find the time or means for sit-down sessions. Each of the book’s 15 chapters introduces one of several different potential relationship hangups, and then outlines a workshop approach to dealing with each one. The big four—communication, sex, money and family—all get due attention, each with subthemes attached. Readers can dive into single topics such as “Couples and Compromise,” “Couples, Sex, and Sensation,” or focused segments on living with a “problem child,” in-laws or stepchildren. The book is sprinkled with words to live by: “Love can survive even a catastrophic loss of money. What it sometimes can’t survive are everyday hassles over money,” or “[S]hift from seeing your partner as the problem to seeing your sexual interaction as the problem.” That last phrase epitomizes Compton’s healthy approach to dealing with conflict: shift the focus from one’s partner to the issue at hand. The author, a Stanford University–trained clinician, brings a hard, professional eye to conflict management, but the book shies away from thornier issues like religion or familial abuse; some challenges are best left to in-person therapy. Occasional phrases may turn off some readers, as when she assures couples who choose not to have children that “[t]here are already too many people in this world!” But her confident, lucid writing and practical suggestions will win most readers over. An instructive how-to book and a welcome prescription for troubled couples.”

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